These services are provided to support a child and their family to address the challenges faced by  children with special developmental, socialization, self-care, and learning needs that are presenting in their home and community. Therapeutic interventions that may include Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)  are provided to address a wide range of developmental delays, behavioral needs, expressive-receptive communication and adaptive functioning issues as well as environmental conditions including:

  • Age Appropriate Developmental Skills
  • Adaptive Functioning & Coping
  • Emotional Reactivity and Self-control
  • Communication and Expression
  • Problem-Solving in Social Settings
  • Family Care and Relief Support Time
  • Emergency 24/7 Crisis Intervention

Behavioral therapies are also designed to deal with more extreme disturbances in behavior that may have become dangerous and unsafe and are posing a risk for injury to a child or others in the home.  While the services address issues of autism, they are also provided for children with other behavioral health and developmental needs that have interfered with normal development. This service is equally intended to teach parents and guardian caretakers skills to address specific behaviors through selective reinforcement and targeted response skills and patterns. Staff services also provide coordination of treatment plans with other healthcare professionals such as physicians, therapists, case managers and nursing staff in order to achieve a maximal and sustained therapeutic benefit within a system of care for each child. Services in the home are provided for up to 15 hours per week across several visits including the coordination care and treatment with other professionals.   **Funding coverage limitations may apply with your Insurance/third party provider. Please call to find your child's eligibility!

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