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CORNERSTONE  Child and Family Services

    Specialized counseling for children and their families. Providing a foundation of support and care where it's needed most.

providing a foundation of support for children and families

Licensed by The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Approved Providers for DMAS Behavioral Health Services in Virginia

Accepting Most Major Medical/MCO Insurances



Outpatient clinical counseling and evaluation are provided by licensed therapists and clinicians to address specific issues that children and parents are facing in their families affecting behavior,  emotional stability and overall family health in their ability to maintain healthy, safe and stable productive lives.

Evaluation and assessments are provided to determine the functional baselines of behavioral and emotional conditions that are unable to be measured by observation only, and make use of various types of tests and measurement procedures to evaluate psychological functioning, behavioral performance, developmental skills and capacity-potential.

Evaluations include recommendations for a treatment plan of care  that is individualized to the needs  of each child and their family with whom they live. This is very important particularly for children who have not had access to treatment services previously or have been through a variety of treatment settings and trials of care without some level of progress being reported or where there has been a recent worsening and failure to respond to care.