The purpose of intensive home site based counseling is to provide intervention and stabilization for children experiencing severe issues that more traditional outpatient therapies have not been able to manage alone successfully. Children who are most at risk of having to be transferred to another setting for treatment and stabilization or may be returning from an out of home treatment setting are also candidates for this type of care in the home. Counseling staff who work in the home field setting are advanced degreed clinicians, some of whom are pursuing licensure, and possess a wide variety of experience with all types of issues that children and families are experiencing. They are supervised by clinical licensed personnel who also see children and family members within the outpatient office setting for those in need of office based counseling for specific issues they are facing.  To determine if your child is eligible, contact  your MCO/Insurance provider (Medicaid) or Visit for all  recipients OR  call your third party private insurance care manager to determine benefit coverages.  **COiVID19 Protective Protocols .


  • Individual & Family Counseling On-Site in the Home
  • 24/7 Crisis/Emergency Availability of Staff
  • Rapid Stabilization of Child and Family for Safety Issues
  • Coordination with Other Professionals that may include: physicians, therapists, teachers, school guidance counselors, social workers and probation/court personnel.
  • 3-6 mos average duration of treatment services with visits @ 2-3 times per week for 5 to 10 hours of counseling each week.
  • Advanced Rapid Therapeutic Intervention Services Within the Home @ 25+ hrs per week to Safely Secure & Stabilize Critical Issues/Needs of a Child and Coordinate Care/Tx. (CSA Only)

Specialized counseling services that are home-based and delivered directly to children and their families where they live to resolve conflict, eliminate severe behavioral and emotional issues and stabilize a child and their family. These services are used when other interventions, care and treatment alone, are not working and a child's symptoms are worsening, and have created a safety risk and may also be placing them at risk of displacement/removal or more intensive treatment outside of the home. They are designed to be a least restrictive intervention in the natural settings of the home and community. Common Issues addressed often include: physical aggression, depression/anxiety, fear, behavioral and emotional management, medication response/schedules, and coordination of care and treatment with other professionals such as: physicians, therapists, case managers, nursing staff, school program personnel and court services programs.



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