Child & Family Services

Intensive Individual and Family counseling intervention delivered in the home and community setting to rapidly stabilize a child insures they are healthy, safe and stable with the necessary intervention, treatment, services and other resources in place that will support them.  The goal of helping children & families is our primary concern and purpose.

Supportive parent group and skill teaching meetings to provide a place for parents, guardians and caretakers in a structured setting to discuss issues and learn skills as well as receive information and moral support from others facing the same challenges in their families.

parent skill instruction and counseling

specialized autism support & behavioral therapy

intensive in-home counseling services

Licensed by The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Managed by Magellan Health Services of Virginia

providing a foundation of support for children and families

    Specialized counseling for children and their families. Providing a foundation of support and care where it's needed most.

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outpatient counseling  and evaluation 


These services are provided in order to support a child and their family to address the challenges faced by a child with special developmental, socialization, self-care, learning and home adjustment needs. Therapeutic interventions are provided to address a wide range of developmental delay, behavioral, emotional and adaptive needs.

Outpatient counseling in clinic is provided for children, parents and families facing behavioral and emotional issues at home. Services also include functional evaluation & testing for children to determine emotional, intellectual and behavioral "benchmarks" and the source issues affecting  diagnosis and the recommended plans for treatment and care.


         It can be a better day for a child and their family.
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CORNERSTONE  Child and Family Services